Структура на ННП СиО


National Scientific Program “Security and Defence” (NSP SD) is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of the Republic of Bulgaria. MES supervises the implementation of the program through a Working Group and the Supervisory Board (SB).

National Scientific Program “Security and Defence” is managed by an Executive Board (EB). Representatives of all beneficiaries of the consortium participate in the EB:

  1. Chairman of the EB: Colonel Assoc. Prof. DSc Borislav GENOV – Director of Bulgarian Defence Institute.
  2. EB members:
  • Corr.-Mem. Prof. Stefan HADJITODOROV – Vice-president of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  • Prof. PhD Dimitar DIMITROV – Rector of University of National and World Economy;
  • Prof. D.Sc. Irena PETEVA – Rector of University of Library Science and Information Technologies;
  • Major General Todor DOCHEV – Commandant of Georgi S. Rakovski National Defence College;
  • Senior Commissioner, Assoc. Prof. PhD Ivan VIDOLOV –  Rector of Academy of the Ministry of Interior;
  • Flotilla Admiral Prof. DSc Boyan MEDNIKAROV – Rector-commandant of Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy;
  • Brigadier General Ivan MALAMOV – Rector-commandant of Vasil Levski National Military University;
  • Brigadier General Yuulian RADOISKI – Rector-commandant of Georgi Benkovski Bulgarian Air Force Academy.

The post of Advisor to EB is held by Prof. D.Sc. Stoyan DENCHEV from University of Library Science and Information Technologies..

Coordinator of the program is Col. Assoc. Prof. D.Sc. Borislav GENOV from Bulgarian Defence Institute. The work of the coordinator is supported by the following positions:

  • Scientific coordinator – Prof. PhD Rosen ILIEV from Bulgarian Defence Institute – organizes and coordinates the overall scientific implementation of the tasks in the NSP SD;
  • Implementation Coordinator – Col. Assoc.Prof. PhD Nikolay STOIANOV from Bulgarian Defence Institute – organizes and coordinates the overall implementation of the NSP SD;
  • Financial coordinator – Ch. Account. Teodora DIMITROVA-KRASTEVA from Bulgarian Defence Institute – organizes and coordinates the overall financial implementation of the NSP SD.

Each Work Package (WP) is headed by a WP Leader, and each WP Task is headed by a Task Leader.