1. General objective

Ensuring a secure and favorable environment for the development of the society and the state by conducting coordinated and targeted fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of security and defence and creating a sustainable partnership between the scientific and educational organizations included in the program for collaboration participation in national and European international research networks, programs and projects.

2. Concrete (specific) objectives

2.1. Fundamental research:

  • Research, development and/or proposal for implementation in practice of conceptual innovative models in the security and defence of the state, including cyber security and cyber defence, through targeted scientific research;
  • Design, development and proposals for the implementation of innovative management, monitoring and response systems in the system of national and collective security, including an operational center for cyber security and cyber defence;
  • In-depth understanding and detailed description of digital models of intelligent technologies and systems to support decision-making in disasters, accidents and crises;
  • Inclusion, if possible, in the thematic research projects set by the European Defence Fund for priority funding in the field of security and defence, as well as in NATO projects for the development of defence capabilities.

2.2. Accompanying Applied Research:

  • Research and development of innovative systems for managing anti-terrorist activities and testing them in real conditions;
  • Development of innovative technologies and processes for the use of cloud architectures and systems for collaborative work with an application in defence and security;
  • Research, development and improvement of innovative sensor networks, technologies and systems and testing with business partners;
  • Research and application of passive software-defined and multi-sensor radar systems;
  • Research, design and development of modern techniques and technologies for breaches and protection of information in partnership with business;
  • Research, development and improvement of autonomous systems related to the security of society and the state;
  • Research, development and improvement of means for individual and collective protection in partnership with business;
  • Research, development and improvement of means and technologies for the protection of the population from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons;
  • Analysis, research and development of defence capabilities, strategic intelligence and application of new defence technologies, such as artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, etc.

2.3. Dissemination of research results:

  • Development and implementation of an information and communication strategy for the dissemination of the results of the program, including through a specially created website;
  • The results will be generally available and will be distributed through the scientific networks and partnerships of the state higher schools and scientific organizations, including in the form of scientific publications or participation in Bulgarian and international scientific forums;
  • Organization of meetings with potential public users of the results of scientific research under the program, such as industry, small and medium-sized enterprises from the security, cyber security, cyber defence and national defence sectors;
  • Organization of training seminars for students, PhD students and young scientists from the partnering and other organizations to increase their knowledge related to fundamental and applied research and application of the obtained results in the training process in the field of security and defence.

2.4. Knowledge transfer to:

  • The relevant management bodies in the state and local administration;
  • Partner scientific and educational organizations;
  • Business partners.

2.5. Synchronization of the program

with the other national and international scientific programs to increase the participation of Bulgarian scientific teams and organizations in the European Scientific Area, the EU framework program for scientific research and innovation "Horizon Europe", "European Defence Fund" and the NATO science program "Science for Peace and Security'. The focus of the program is aimed at reflecting the initiatives created by the European Defence Agency, which has a leading role in the preparation of the EU Capability Development Plan (CDP), the Overarching Strategic Research Agenda - OSRA) and the identification of the Key Strategic Activities, which contribute to the implementation of key policies in the field of security and defence.

Beneficiaries of NSP SD are:

  • Bulgarian Defence Institute (BDI) – coordinator
  • Center for National Security and Defence Research – BAS (CNSDR)
  • University of National and World Economy (UNWE)
  • University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT)
  • Rakovski National Defence College (RNDC)
  • Ministry of Interior Academy (MOIA)
  • Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy (NVNA)
  • Vasil Levski National Military University (VLNMU)
  • Georgi Benkovski Air Force Academy (GBAFA)